Re-design the Navigation
the GPS of the Website
Material World is a fashion ecommerce company aiming at reducing the pollution and waste in fashion industry and extend the life of clothes by trading in pre-owned designer fashions and selling again.

The original navigation of this site are separated with 4 parts:
Trade-In, Shop Pre-Owned, Shop New and Frontier

The first three correspond to three main businesses of Material World and Frontier is the blog section.

Problem Detection
  1. Major business of the company is not clear.
  2. Based on sales report, Trade-In and Shop Pre-Owned contribute most to the business growth, but not prominant enough in the navigation.
  3. Frontier, the company's blog, used to confuse users by the name and competes attention with the major businesses.
  4. The mobile nav lacks of the importance of heirachy. It exposes every level of the navigation items which causes endless scrolling.
Listing out all shopping categories to decide which to include in the navigation
Design Solutions
  1. Took out Frontier from top nav.
  2. Grouped Shop Pre-Owned and Shop New together under Shop. Aligned SHOP with Trade-In on the top nav.
  3. Gave Shop Pre-Owned larger space than Shop New in the flyout menu to emphasize the importance of the former.
  4. Added the dynamic third level items to expose subcategories of the shopping items.
Design Evolution

As a start-up, the business of Material World keeps evolving over time. Shop New was retired while Material Box subscription service got developed. This led to another round of iteration of the navigation changes.

Removing SHOP NEW section and adding BOX.
Changing back to hamburger menu. Refining the categories and the heirachy.