Invisible Territories
A motion tracking spatial installation
that is intentionally designed as a disturbing experience in which participants feel the anxiety, oppression, uncertainty, conflict when exploring the invisible borders


  • Video shot and edited: Shuangshuang Huo
  • Technologies: OpenFrameworks, Madmapper, Processing, Kinect, Arduino.

Living in an extremely diverse world is a gift to appreciate or a great challenge to face up to in the present time? Very often, stakes are held up and ditches are excavated secretly in our mind even without our awareness, and they can deeply influence how we sense the world, or understand and respond to people who are different with ourselves. This is just the starting point of making this work, and it's welcome to open-interpretation by every participant.

This is a residency project in Laboratory. Participants can walk around on the empty lighting area. When they step close to or over the invisible territories, the alert system is triggered - red lights blink and a vocal warning, "Trespassing!", plays along with the border lines show up on the ground. All border lines were generated randomly and pre-saved in the program. Only when all border lines are discovered, they dissolve and disappear. Then the map is reset.


  • One-week exhibition in Spokane, WA
  • The documentation video demoed in the Second Wallpost Artist Exhibition in Today Art Museum at Beijing, China