A Design Challenge: Craigsbroker NYC
One App to Make Craigslist Brokers' Life Easier

Project Description

This is a design challenge I newly took. This exercise includes the given requests of a certain client Betty, my design process and solutions.

Design Brief

Craigslist, a digital classified ad service, wants to create a mobile app and has come to you for help.

The company’s primary revenue stream comes from real estate brokers who pay a fee for each listing they post on the website. They want to build an app that will make it easier for brokers to post and manage listings.

For the initial release, Craigslist wants to target their most active real estate market, New York City, where speed is crucial and apartments are always in high demand. Research shows that brokers in this area would use the app if it reduced the time it took them to list an apartment and manage responses from prospective tenants.

Betty the Broker plans to list 15 different apartments on Craigslist this weekend. They vary in price and are concentrated in three Manhattan neighborhoods: the Upper West Side, Chelsea, and the Financial District. Using the new mobile app, Betty can expect to receive about 1,000 responses a day.

Design Process

1. Research

I did research on the real estate broker's daily working status, the Craigslist website and their business model and concept, third party Craigslist apps and other real estate apps.

Among all, this recent article "The real estate agents selling $6 million NYC apartments via Snapchat" popped up. It shows the importance of instant messaging and flexible house viewings for brokers

2. User Journey of Betty

Based on the research I did and the descriptions in the Design Brief, I envisioned the user journey of Betty when she manages one of her businesses.

3. Breaking Down Business Needs and Generating Design Ideas

     Business Needs Design Ideas
1 Post properties easily Core Action
2 Manage properties easily
  1. Two lists, "For Rent" and "For Sale"
  2. Search for your own posts
  3. Close or delete cases
  4. Keep clients' contact info
3 Make the communication between broker and clients quicker, avoid email overload Real time chattingl Group chatting
4 Reduce the time to schedule viewings but sktill keeps the flexibility Viewing appointment calendar (can be disabled)
5 The clients can see the appearance of the listings as well as possible on the phone before they schedule a viewing Upload pano photo
6 Pay for the listings easily Credit card pack

4. App Map

5. Wireframes

6. Mock-up






7. Interactive Prototype (You can try it by clicking on the hotspots on the mockup phone screen)