All in Pieces
A New Media Installation
that transforms real-time tweets to fragmented sounds and lights.


  • Video shot and edited: Shuangshuang Huo
  • Technologies: OpenFrameworks, Max/MSP, VPT7, Syphon.
  • Materials: wood, iron wire, acrylic front surface mirror

“All in Pieces” is an installation, which can grab Tweets from Twitter in real time and project them onto a set of mirror pieces. At the same time, the computer program turns every letter of the Tweets into a sound frequency. The installation creates an immersive environment for audiences to resonate from their daily experience of information fragmentation, which is a social issue caused by the explosion of information on the Internet and the expanding of new media. As a primary information source, social media is gradually but deeply influencing people’s life by its “short”, “quick” and “inconsistent” characteristics. We are drowned in this ocean of information fragments. It’s getting harder to integrate pieces of information to construct meanings from the ocean of scattered information. This is the pain of people in the digital age. “All in Pieces” reflects the issue and refines the related daily experience.

Award and exhibition:

  • Showcased in NYC Media Lab 2015 Summit Demo Day, won the Second Prize among 100 demo presenters.
  • Showcased in ACE 2015 (12th International Conference in Advances of Computer, Entertainment and Technology) in Malaysia, with a design paper included in the ACE Proceedings in ACM Digital Library
  • Demoed the documentation video in Coinvent Pulse 2015 Tech Festival in New York.
  • Featured by Wired Italy, Vassar Review journal 2016 and Q Daily
  • Will demo the documentation video in Feltrinelli Foundation in Milan, Italy.
  • Invited for exhibiting the installation in New Art Klub in Berlin, Germany.